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After a quiet couple of weeks there was a flurry of activity yesterday as Activision officially announced the SWAP Force release date and toy retailers made it available with interesting results!

Release date

Activision have confirmed that SWAP Force will first be released in the US on October 13, then Australia on October 16, and Europe on October 18.

Under five months left to go – yay!

Pre-order information

Free Lightcore Hex with SWAP Force pre-orders

Amazon and Toys R Us have already started featuring the game as available for pre-order at $74.99 across all gaming platforms.

The box packaging is bright green – and I guess that will stand out nicely on shelves – but what’s most interesting is the ‘pre-order deal’ and contents of the 3DS package.

Lightcore Hex!

Firstly all pre-orders will receive a free Lightcore Hex figure – which sounds like a great little incentive to order now!

However, it’s not clear yet whether she will ONLY be available through a SWAP Force pre-order.

If she is released in a standard single figure pack over the Summer, then those that have pre-ordered will have to wait until their SWAP Force games are shipped before they can get their hands on her. Which isn’t so great.

Starter pack figures

The SWAP Force packs for Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U, and Xbox 360 come with Wash Buckler, Blast Zone and ‘Ninja‘ Stealth Elf. There was wide expectation that these would be the starter pack figures – but we didn’t know that the Stealth Elf character was called ‘Ninja Stealth Elf’.

We can see this name on the trading card – and it may suggest that she is a variant rather than a standard Series 3 figure – but this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

SWAP Force - standard starter pack

SWAP Force – standard starter pack

New figures!

Perhaps what is most exciting on the pre-order front are the figrues that come with the Nintendo 3DS pack. The 3DS pack for Giants was a little different in that it came with Punch Pop Fizz, but with SWAP Force there are three new characters!

3Ds SWAP Force figures

We can see there’s a new Eruptor (called ‘Volcanic Eruptor’ according to his trading card) but the other two – we just don’t know! One looks like a snake with a catapult – and the other like some kind of bird (could it be the one fans spotted in the SWAP Force video here?).

The two new Swappables also have symbols on their bases that we haven’t seen before – I wonder what they represent?

Check it out for yourselves

So here it is – SWAP Force available to pre-order, check it out:

E3 to tell us more?

E3 kicks off next week and I’m sure we’ll get to hear a lot more so it’s exciting times Skylanders fans! Happy pre-ordering!

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