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Yesterday GameStop tweeted that for the month of May they will be giving away a free Sidekick if you spend over $19.98 in stores on Skylanders figures.

Sidekicks promotion at GameStop

Sidekicks were previously only available through a Frito-Lay promotion in the US last year where you collected tokens and sent off $2 for a figure.

There were four figures available, but which one you got sent was largely down to stock availability.

From the advert it looks like GameStop will be giving away the same four sidekicks:

  • Terrabite
  • Trigger Snappy
  • Whisper Elf
  • Gill Runt

The figures are very cute. They don’t do much other than follow a main character around – but they add a sense of fun!


In my opinion, this is a really good deal as Sidekicks fetch around the $20 each on eBay – sometimes more!

Find out more here:

Store locator here:

If you haven’t come across Sidekicks before (as a lot of UK fans haven’t as they weren’t available here) , there’s a useful guide video from RevoltingEntrtainmnt below:

Happy hunting Skylanders fans!


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  1. Erwin

    Already said this in another comment as well, but in the Netherlands the toy store chain Toys XL offers them with each 30 Euro spent.


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