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It’s Summer and Sidekicks are back in another Frito-Lay promotion. There’s another four to collect; Mini Jini, Thumpling, Barkley, and Eye Small. They’re small but they are cool!

Sidekicks 2013

The promotion began on 30 June and ends 20 October so there’s a fair amount of time to collect all four.

All you have to do is:

  • look out for special Frito-Lay promotion bags of chips – The Classic and Flavor mix bags seem to be the main ones promoting the sidekicks at the moment
  • get the unique 13 digit code inside the bag
  • go to http://skylanderspromo.com/fritolay – then enter the code, select your sidekick, enter your address and pay the postage then…
  • wait 10-12 weeks for your figure (Boo Hoo!!!)

There’s a limit of one of each character per household – so at least US fans can get the whole set.


If you haven’t seen Sidekicks before, well they don’t do much, but they’re pretty cool. Essentially they are like little pets/friends that you put on the portal with your other figures and they follow your other main characters around in the game. You can’t control them in the game – but they’re a cool little addition.

Last year the Frito-Lay promotion gave use Trigger Snappy, Whisper Elf, Terrabite and Gill Runt – you can check them out in our previous Sidekicks post here.

Check out the pack detail photos and a little video from Skylander Boy and Girl to see a little more below!

Happy collecting Skylanders fans!

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