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Home from a weekend away with friends to find the Skylanders blogosphere is alive with the news of new figures being leaked. So what have we learnt?

A number of sources seem to be relating the source of the leak to information shared at Comic-Con 2013 (held in Sandiago last week) but I can’t find any more detail than that in regard to who, how or why it was shared.

However… the best information seems to have come from FGTV and 1ofwiisdom.com - both of who point to online stores that have listed new figures for pre-order.

New figures on CoolShop.co.uk

New figures on CoolShop.co.uk highlighted by 1ofwiisdom.com

FGTV points to Kalahari.com who have listed figures (without photos). As well as those we’ve heard of, the site also lists some new SWAP Force character names such as Zoo Lou, Slobber Tooth, Bumble Blast, Mulcan Forge, Gasteroid (some believe this is the finalised name for Pop Thorn), Smolder Dash, Nitro Magna Charge, then some new Lightcores (Flashwing and Warnado) as well as some new double and triple pack combinations!

Check out the FGTV video below:

1ofWiisdom gives us a little more as they point to a UK online store (CoolShop.co.uk) which listed – then removed – a stack of new figures. In addition to the new ones Kalahari lists, Coolshop also listed Scorp and Boom Jet AND provided some images (including a new Trigger Happy, Chop Chop. Chill and Sprocket.

Check out the full 1ofwiisdom.com post here – as they captured lots of screen shots. Some of the more interesting ones – IMO – are presented below.
boomjetChill ChopChop GillGrunt popFizz scorp Slobbertooth sprocket Spyro TriggerHappy ZooLou

In summary, the last few days seem to have suggested the following will now also be appearing in SWAP Force:

Happy hunting Skylanders fans!

  1. Boom Jet  - Swappable
  2. Bumble Blast
  3. Chop Chop
  4. Flashwing – LightCore
  5. Gasteroid (AKA Pop Thorn?)
  6. Gill Grunt
  7. Mulcan Forge
  8. Nitro Magna Charge
  9. Pop Fizz
  10. Scorp
  11. Slobber Tooth
  12. Smolderdash – LightCore
  13. Sprocket
  14. Warnado – LightCore
  15. Zoo Lou

Before I sign off – thank you to FGTV and 1ofwiisdom for sharing and big thanks to my online friend Santiago – who first brought all of this to my attention!

Happy hunting Skylanders fans!

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