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Volts and Lightning!

Collectors note

  • The metallic purple Cynder is a rare variant that was exclusive to the New York Toy Fair in 2012.
  • It was only available to those who had appointments with Activision at the Toy Fair.
  • Metallic Purple Cynder doesn’t look metallic purple in game and appears just like the regular Cynder.

About Cynder

  • Cynder the purple dragoness was exposed to the dark malevolence of the Undead element while just a dragonling, after she was stolen as an egg by Malefor the wicked Undead Dragon King and raised as an instrument of his evil.
  •  Under Malefor’s influence Cynder spread menace and fear through the Underworld until her defeat in battle by Spyro broke the spell of Malefor’s power over her.
  •  With Spyro’s help, Cynder renounces evil and dedicates herself to making amends for all the sinister things she did as Malefor’s apprentice.
  • Master Eon realises Spyro can’t be wrong about her and quickly signs Cynder up to be a Skylander.
  • Cynder’s dark past is something of a struggle for her, and other Skylanders can find her menacing at times as it seems her potential for darkness remains.
  • Cynder’s long exposure to the corruptness of Malefor and the malevolent forces of the Undead element mean she has dark powers including the ability to breathe dark electricity or lightning and adopt a shadow form, enabling her to flee invisibly from enemies leaving a band of ghostly allies in her path to continue the attack.
  •  Cynder’s powers are further enhanced by her dragon-ability to take flight at any time.


  • “Volts and Lightning!”
  • “Leading the charge!”
  • “Fully charged!”
  • “All charged up!”
  • “No rest for the wicked!”
  • “Time for trouble!”
  • “Born to scorch!”
  • “Never stood a chance!”
  • “Hehe, I’m to die for!”
  • “I’d tell you nice try, but it wasn’t!”
  • “I’m wicked, so what?”
  • “Dare to try again?”
  • “Well that was a blast!”
  • “This is my kind of place!”
  • “Never looked better!”
  • “Becoming, isn’t it?”
  • “Take flight!”
  • “You call that a challenge?”
  • “My power will haunt you!”
  • “Shocking abilities, aren’t they?”
  • “Jackpot!”
  • “I fear nothing!”
  • “Oh yeah!”
  • “Wahoo!”


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Coloring / Colouring

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