July 19, 2013 / | 2 comments

The official Skylanders SWAP Force website has now been updated with more about wave 1 characters – and interestingly in the section discussing returning figures – they show a Giants (Tree Rex) icon.

Are we reading too much into this – or might they make a return?

I’d love it if they did – and particularly if there was a Ninjini redesign,  variant or repose.

Why? Well not just because Ninjini is my favourite Giant but because it would help in putting some cool female characters back into the very male dominated world of SWAP Force.


Check out a cool FGTV video below discussing the updated site or visit and explore the site yourself here: http://www.skylanders.com/swapforce/

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    • Matt

      Oh yeah… actually that is a good point Erwin…. Fingers crossed though!!! I’d love to see Giants return – it’ll give some consistency to the series. For example, with SWAP Force, you would hope that future Games – beyond the SWAP Force game – would support the swappable figures too.


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