Hey welcome to SkylandersFans.com – the site with news, views and all sorts of information about the fantastic Skylanders games and characters.

This site is not an official Activision site, neither is it sponsored or endorsed by them – it’s just been made by a Skylanders fan for Skylanders fans.

Hi, I'm Matt - welcome to the site

Hi, I’m Matt – welcome to the site

My name is Matt, and I’m a web designer by trade and – more importantly – a dad of two littl’uns, who over the last year have got me into Skylanders. The funny thing is, I’m not really a gamer, but this game, its style, its story, the characters and the figures have just got me totally hooked.

I think it’s an amazing product – for little kids and big kids alike. It appeals to collectors and gamers of all ages – and that’s part of its beauty. Yes I am a self declared ‘AFOS‘ – an Adult Fan Of Skylanders – and I say it loud and proud!

So why did I build this site? Well it started out with the intention of being an easy to understand Skylanders guide for my kids and their friends, but has started to turn into something more.

There are already some great reference sites out there Рones which I admire like skylanderscharacers.com and spyrowiki - and I wanted to do something similar, but with a few different features and facilities, like a facility to store and share your collection, lots of news and updates to share and discuss, possibly an area to trade and swap with others and ultimately a place to create a community for fans and collectors to meet, connect and talk Skylander stuff with each other.

Will that happen? I don’t know – but I’m passionate about Skylanders and committed to running ¬†great site for like-minded fans.

So be you an ‘AFOS’, a ‘KFOS‘ (Kid Fan Of Skylanders) or just ‘passing and peeking’ – you are very welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.


ps Oh I should say that it’s not just me in the team here – why I may be the biggest culprit, big thanks must also go to Stevie, Rach and Liv – also geeks and fans – who have and will be helping out more with the site as it grows!!!